and breath………….

So my sisters 60th party is over, she had a fabulous time with her friends and family, and loved all the decorations, food and cake made by myself, my two eldest daughters and her daughter in law. My home has emerged from the craft making that took over for the last two weeks, I now have time to share with you what I have been up to. So today I will share the picture holding jars, I made eight one for each table.

jar holder 22Details of how I made the jars can be found in a previous post called Sue’s party table Decorations.

I made five of the sewing themed jars and three flower jars using Sheena Douglass Stamps. I also made three balloon weight jars. I thought of this after adding some sand to the table decorations to prevent them from being knocked over.  I’ve added lots of pictures…. I hope you like them.

jar 1

The five sewing themed jars

     the five from every angle :)

the five from every angle 🙂                                                                                                                                        

jars 6

The flower jars

jars 3jars 5


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