Ian’s Mirror


What a fun project this was…. taking an old window and making this!

I did not work on this alone, helping a work mate to make this for her husbands birthday. I cut the stencil out of vinyl and placed it on the the old window, showing her how to use the etching cream. Once the etching was done I added the leafy pattern around the edge using a stamp from Inkylicious called Delicate Vines and Grandma’s Teacup Acrylic paint from Indigo Blu. Once she was happy with how it looked I went to work on the frame. I didn’t want to hide the “Vintage” look of it so added some brown emulsion paint and some watered down Buff It in Copper from Pinflair, just to add a little sparkle. We worked on it at luchtimes and after work and it did take quite a few days , but she was so pleased with it as was her hubby.

He’s putting it up in his man cave and is going to add some lights to it.


I’ll be on the lookout for more old windows 🙂


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