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Lighted Glass Block

The two sides of a light block I made for a friends birthday.

To start I had to drill a hole in the top so that I could insert some lights,then came the decoration. I cut two stencils using dies for the swirly buds and the Silhouette for the bottle and glasses, I decided on different looks for each side so it could be turned to suit the mood, using etching cream over the stencil to give the frosted look. At this point I inserted the led lights. I wrapped the bottle with some wide satin ribbon and added the cotton lace over the top, securing with red tape. I made two bows to add to the top to cover the battery pack which I had covered in the same satin ribbon. ( easily removed to change batteries and leaving the on off button exposed) I added some roses to finish off.   Below are a couple of pictures with the lights on and a close up of the etching.